Thursday, December 20, 2007

Popsicle Stick Snowflake and Poem

I started by painting Popsicle sticks white and hot gluing them

I put out some buttons, sequins, beads , pom-poms and glitter glue. All white so I would not end up with pink and blue snowflakes,which would be fine too.

The kids decorated.

This is Cheyanne's snowflake and I attached a poem that I found and it says:

The Legend of a Snowflake

Long ago,
a gleaming star led
the way to a Child
born in a Manger.
Today it is believed
that Snowflakes are
little pieces of that
special Star
that leads us to
The Light of
the World, Jesus.

Colton made this pretty button snowflake.


Michelle O. said...

What a great project! The snowflakes look wonderful.

My Goodness said...

Very cute!! I really need to get my crafty-self hopping!!

Melissa said...

Those are adorable. I really like the button one.

I can't wait until next year when I'm a little more prepared. We're going to do a Christmasy craft a day...

Crafts and Gift Guru Gal said...

O goodness, those turned out soo lovely!

Jennifer said...

as always....i love it!

Kellan said...

So cute and I love the one with the buttons on it - such a fun activity for the kids. Take care. Kellan

Family O'Foxes said...

Could you be anymore perfect?! You are getting mom of the year award!

I totally love you!

Beth said...

These look great! You could do a whole tree covered in different snowflake ornaments!

Mommy Toy said...

I will definitely be doing this with my daughter. I love it!!

melinda said...

pretty, fun and easy! a sweet idea:) thank you!