Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

I love this cookie, it is cute and taste good. At Thanksgiving I sit one at each place setting. It is something almost any age child can help do.
You need 2 fudge striped shortbread cookie, 1 candy corn, 1 cherry cordial and chocolate frosting.

1. place 1 cookie down
2. put frosting on cherry and stick to cookie
3. put frosting on 2nd cookie and place on cherry
4. put frosting on candy corn and stick to cherry for the beak

Now you have a sweet treat that both taste and looks good. Enjoy !!!

Halloween Cat Cookies

We had a bowl a Halloween Candy from Saturday's trunk-or-treat, so I thought we would use it to make an edible craft.
I used a fudge striped short bread cookie from Wal-Mart ($.94 a package) and then used candy corn for eyes, sweet tart for nose, cut Hersey's bar for ears and a cut up Twizzler for whiskers. Of coarse and candy would do. I attached it all with chocolate frosting.

Happy Eating !! Meow !

Kid Craft- Octopus

I was thinking I would use my blog to post simple crafts people can do with their kids. Normally, I just complain or brag about my kids on my posts. This way my blog would have a purpose for others to come and look at it. Then maybe I can sneak in my complaints and brags for others to read.

My first craft is really simple and cute. It is an octopus. You could also make it Henry the Octopus from the Wiggles.

You will need a toilet paper roll and makers or crayons. I also used round stickers and those white round stickers that you use when the whole in your notebook paper gets torn ( I am sorry I do not know their official name. I am sure it is something simple, but I do not know it.)


1. Cut slits up the toilet paper roll about an inch and 1/2 long evenly spaced all the way around.
2. Color face on the top of toilet paper roll. I used sticker for eyes. You could also use wiggly eyes too.
3. Take maker or crayon and curl the slits upward to make arms.
4. Use notebook repair stickers for tentacles.

To make it Henry, you can color him purple or wrap a piece purple construction paper around him first.
As I was writing this, my daughter said you could also make that in to a ghost. Wrap with white paper first.

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving crafts coming soon.

Sleeping Late ?

Am I the only one who when gets a chance to sleep in, and it gets ruined by something ? I was so excited the kids were off school today, and we would get a chance to sleep in. I let the kids stay up late last night in the hopes they would at least sleep a little later this morning. I normally get up around 6:45, I was hoping I could sleep to at least 7:30.
Does it happen? "Oh No." My little dog, Bob, decides to run in my room, jump up in my bed at 5:45. He gets in the bed, goes under the covers and goes back to sleep. While I lay there realizing my back aches and I can not go back to sleep.
I try to make the best of my time, it isn't like I can get up and do a lot of things around the house, like cleaning. That would just wake everyone else up in the house. So, I go downstairs and work out and watch my recorded show, "The Biggest Loser" (I love that show, I am not quite sure why, but I do.)

At least, Bob was comfortable and he will be well rested for today.
Have a good day, Bob !!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!

I finally got the outside side of my house to match the inside. My kids and I really enjoyed making and decorating the house.

These all simple things to make with house hold items you have around the house, like milk jugs and plastic grocery bags .

Halloween is almost over, now I can not wait to start on decorating for Thanksgiving.
I wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday Night

We went to a trunk or treat last night, and I could not resist these pictures. I know I brag about my children a lot, but I can't help it. I just think they look so cute in these pictures.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Survived !!!!!!!

Last night was my son's birthday sleep over. Ten kids spent the night. It was a lot work, but I did have a great group of kids which made it a lot easier. Also, my friend Beth helped me the first part of the evening, which was the hardest. I could not have done it with out her. Thanks Beth !!!! ( If you do not have a best girl friend, you need to get one. They are great, but you can not have mine.)
The party started at 6:00 when the kids started to arrive. We first had pizza, which I tried to melt extra cheese in the shape of ghost on it, but the ghost melted into the pizza. I think it started out cute. ( You have to add the cheese after the pizza has cooked for a little while).

Then, they wanted to do crafts. For the girls, they made purses and the boys made pirate ships.

Then came my salmon colored, jack-o-lantern ice cream cake. It was very delicious, even though the boys made fun of Cody's pink cakes.

After the ice cream cake, Cody opened up his presents. He got Bionicles ( which he loves). He also received light saber (Star Wars), and a motor cycle chemistry things (hard to explain, but very cool).

Then we had a pinata, which the kids all enjoyed hitting and gathering the candy and little toys. After that Beth and her husband left with Sarah. I was nervous because everything had gone well up to now, but now I left alone with the kids and my husband (who is really just another kid).
The kids then played while I straightened up. Next, came the Mummy Game. That is where you take toilet paper and wrap someone up like a mummy. The kids see to really enjoy this too.

Even my husband got into the mummy wrapping.

After the mummy wrapping, the kids had fun with the toilet paper. Who knew toilet paper could be so much fun?

We have muscle man.

We have fat men.

We have jolly fat man.

Soon to be fat man and girl.

After cleaning up 12 rolls of toilet paper, it was movie time. This took some time because we had to have 3 movies for 3 different age groups. Girls watched Barbie, younger boys watched Scooby Doo ,and the older kids watched Monster House. Some how they all ended up watching Monster House. The only one to fall asleep was my daughter Caity.

Our midnight snack at 10:30.

This is where the hard part came for me. It is hard enough for me to get 4 kids to bed at 8:30. Now I have to get 10 kids that I have to get ready for bed at 11:30. It worked out okay, it just took awhile.
The girls slept up stairs in beds, The 2 younger boys slept on the sofa bed. Now the older boys could have all slept in beds but they decided to sleep on the hard wood floor. Go figure.
I think they all fell asleep around 12:15 to12:30. I thought, okay ,that means they will sleep late.
Oh no, I woke up before 7:00, and all were awake except the 4 year old boys and my 2 year old. Which woke up soon after. The older kids were all playing video games.
What made me get out of bed was a little funny incident. Quinn had to go to work today, so he was up early and took a shower. Our bed room door was cracked open so we could sort of hear the goings on. I hadn't heard anything, so I kind of thought everyone was still asleep. (No they were in Cody's room playing games). Anyway, Quinn walked out of the bathroom in his boxer briefs the same time one of the little girls walked in our bedroom. Quinn said "Oh no and went back into the bathroom. Sydney started to laugh and walked out saying " Hey, Caity did you see your Dad?" (When her mom came, I explained the story, because no telling how a 4 year old would tell that . Her parents would think we are bigger weirdos, than they already think we are.)
Next was how to tackle breakfast ? I kind of did it in shift. Thank goodness before I went to I fixed six packages of muffins. That went well. But it was only 8:30. Did I tell people to pick up their kids at 10:00 or even later. Oh, No what was I thinking !
I decided to let them watch another movie. And they did. Finally the parents came, thank goodness none of them took me up on the later part of picking the kids up.

I hope everyone had fun, I did but I am glad it is over.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wish Me Luck !!!!

Tomorrow is my son's "friend" birthday party. It is our first sleepover. Eleven kids are spending the night. (What was I thinking?)
Anyway, I thought I would write out my plans tonight, and then Saturday see how they panned out.
So far, I have gotten most things prepared.
We are planning on having pizza and an ice cream cake. The only thing is the ice cream cakes was suppose to be in the shape of a jack o lantern, but it is rectangular (Spookly,the square pumpkin?) Second, I didn't really have the right colors of food coloring, so the color is not exactly orange. I thought it was pretty close, but of course my 4 year old told me it looked pink. I could not take pictures of the 2 cakes because they were melting. I will have pictures Saturday. But that is okay if they are not the perfect color, because I know the cake will taste great. That is all that counts (I hope).
I have my pinata stuffed, and I have 2 crafts for the kids to do. The house is decorated. The movies are picked out. So, tomorrow I need to clean and fix muffins for Saturday's breakfast.
I think that is everything. My husband says I worry to much about birthday parties, but I want things to go smoothly and the kids to have fun. And mostly I do not want the kids to see me melt down if the party is a flop.
Wish me luck !!!

What Kids Remember

Be careful what you do, for your kids will remember it for a long time.
Tonight, before bed, our family was talking about things burning.
My son, Cody says,"I know plates burn because Mom burned that bear plate."
What he was referring to, was an incident that occurred over 2 years ago. One morning, apparently I was still asleep while I was preparing my kids breakfast. I was fixing frozen waffles. I put 2 waffles on a plastic bear plate, and stuck it in the toaster oven and cooked them. I guess I was in auto mode, thinking they were going in the microwave. Anyway, the plate melted all in the toaster oven, and the kids thought it was funny, how mommy messed up.
So even when your kids are small, it is possible for them to remember your stupid moments for a long time.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not So Sweet Memories of the Summer

My husband is going on a deep sea fishing trip tomorrow, and he was telling me all the details. He was saying how he had to get up early, 10 other people were going on 3 boats and how he was going to be on the boat for 13 hours. Well, that reminded me of this summers boating trip, that I thought you might find amusing, at least the pictures are.
This summer we went to Destin, Florida and stayed for a week. During our week stay we thought we would take the kids on one of those glass bottom boats to go see dolphins. We all thought that was a great idea, and the kids were all excited. So my husband, my 4 kids, my father-in-law and my 2 brother-in-laws set out on this 2 hour tour. At first everything was fine we went out and heard how Destin has grown in the last 30 years. Then we saw some dolphins swimming around.
That is where the fun ended for me. I don't know what happened to me after I had kids, but it has made me very prone to motion sickness. It is hard for me to even ride on a regular swing without feeling ill. So I take about 4 pictures of the Dolphins, and I started to feel very ill. I ended up vomiting 3 times, fortunately I did make it to the very small rocking bathroom every time. It was very embarrassing. I was the only one on the boat to get sick. I really do not think it happens a whole lot because the people working on the boat were not prepared. They were sympathetic, but all the could offer me was an altoid mint and something about some a pressure point on my wrist. Which neither by the way worked. I got sick about 1/2 hour into the boat ride, so it was a very long 1 1/2 hours of rocking and vomiting. One sweet thing was a little boy who said I could have his seat because he was near the bathroom. I am sure it was a very fun ride, but I did not see any more dolphins. All I saw was the white seat because that is where I was left to suffer.

Let's just say this is the last time I will be on a boat. I know there is medicine to prevent motion sickness, but as bad as I felt ,I am not going to take the risk.

I Won !!!

Yippee, I won something. I never win anything. I am so excited.
On Saturday, I went to a Pampered Chef open house party with my friend Beth. We ate great food and purchased a few things. I had fun, but did not think any more of it. Then, last night the Pampered Chef consultant, Page Crater, called me and said I won the hostage package. That included $40 of product, another product 1/2 off and 20 % off anymore purchases. I am so excited because I am going to get the truffle bowl I wanted, but couldn't justify getting it on Saturday. We just had Cody's birthday and then Christmas coming up. I can envision all the wonderful things I am going to do with it. For Thanksgiving, I am going to fill it with little pumpkins, Christmas
I am going to fill it with Christmas balls and Easter I am going to fill it with Easter eggs. I may even make a truffle or 2 in it, with angel food cake and pudding or Oreos. It is going to look so pretty on my table.
I am also going to get the deep covered baker. I am going to roast chicken, pork lion and ribs. I am even going to make casseroles in it. I am so excited.
Thank you, Page !!!!!!!!

Proud Moment

Cody was getting off to school, after spending the morning scaring his brother and sisters. He kept saying he saw a black hairy hand in his room (n,o not my proud moment). My proud moment was when he was asking for money for chocolate milk. I said " You had some money in your back pack." He said, " I did, but there is a girl in my school whose house burned down, while she was shopping, so I gave it to her."
Sometimes I realize they do listen to the things I say. I know it wasn't a lot of money, but I do think it was sweet for him to think about her.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Special Moment

Caity made a birthday card for Cody and gave him a dollar of her own money for his present. She is so sweet. I hope she give me money for my birthday.

Friday's Special Moment

My first Dip Club Meeting. Thank you girls, I had a great time. Everyone's food was great. I can not wait until next time !!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Cody !!!!!!!!!!

Today is my oldest son's birthday, he is turning 8. 8 !!! I can not believe I have an 8 year old son. I am super proud of him. He is a sweet boy, with a big heart. He is my oldest, so for some reason (unfairly) I seem to expect the most from him. He definitely lives up to my expectations. He is a very smart, inquisitive, imaginative, and a joy to have a round. I love him with all my heart.
Before I had children I could not have imagined loving someone so much. Cody makes me proud everyday, and now I can barely remember life before him. He (as well as all my children) are the greatest gifts sent directly from God.

When I was pregnant with him, I was so scared. I had never been around babies before. I had no idea what I was going to do with him. "Was I going to hold him right ?"," Was I going to feed him right ?", I had all these questions. Then, I had him, and he was the most beautiful, precious thing I had ever laid eyes on. There weren't anymore questions. I knew I would be able to take good care of him because I loved him so much. When he was born I promised to love him always no matter what, to be by him, to support him, to encourage him, and to be the best mom I could be. Some days I do better at my promises than other, but I always, always love him and want the very best for him.

Cody, I love you so much. Thank you for making me so proud and bringing so much happiness in my life. Without you, my life could never be complete. Happy birthday, Baby.
I know other people write a lot better than I do, and are better at expressing their feelings in their writings, but that does not mean I do not love you just as much.


So we had Cody's family party tonight. I tried so hard to do all the things he asked. We had pizza, Reese's snack bars for his cake, fudge brownie ice cream and sweet tea. He opened his presents which he seemed to enjoy, we ate dinner, then the cake and ice cream. When, I went to get the candles (in which I have a ton, somewhere), the only one I can find is the #7. No good, he is 8. So my poor neglected son, has to get another brilliant Mommy idea. He got to blow out 8 matches. What a lucky son I have. He gets to blow out matches on his dessert bar cake. Oh well, I tried. He seemed like he really liked everything else. Maybe next year I will find the real candles.

Do not feel to bad for Cody, he still has a friend party to get a chance to blow out candles. But do feel sorry for me, because there will 11 children spending the night. Oh boy, I can not wait.

Happy Birthday Cody !!!!! Mommy Loves You !!!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday's Special Moment to Remember

My daughter, Caity, brought home a note from school that said " Mom you are the best mom ever. I love you." Now that is the best.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday's Moments I Like To Remember

First, I was in Wal-Mart today (yes, I made it), and a lady in line said" I don't know how you do it with 4kids, it is hard enough with my 2. I was just thinking, some days I don't make it, like yesterday.

Second, I wanted to remember how cute Cheyanne looked in this dress.

Third, I love how Cheyanne thinks her bike with training wheels must be turned on it's side. You see my oldes,t is in to much of a hurry to use his kick stand and my 2 middle kids do not have kick stands, so their bikes just goes on their sides. Cheyanne's bike does stand up by itself because of the training wheels .But because she sees everyone else's bike on their sides, she thinks that is how bikes are suppose to go.

Forth, I know this is crude, but I thought it was funny. You need to understand that my husband is a veterinarian. This lady came into his office on Friday and seriously asks him why her dogs butt stinks. Can you believe that? Uhhhh, Why do you think? Maybe that is where poop comes out. I am sorry, but sometimes I find some people so funny.

Sunday Night Dinner

I know I said in an earlier post I love Halloween, and I really do. Today, I really felt inspired to be creative. So I made a Halloween dinner of Jack-o-Lantern quesadillas, deviled egg eyes and pudding eye. I am so excited, I still have Thanksgiving and Christmas to go. I love this time of year.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Saturday Morning, Not So Special Moment

This post is for people who think everyone else life is grand and theirs is the only ones with sucky moments.
This morning started out good. I got the kids ready to go to a few garage sales and then to Wal- Mart to do some grocery shopping. We went to about 4 garage sale, and did find some good stuff for all of us. Then, on our way to Wal-Mart, I hear Caity saying to Cody, " You know, if you keep reading that book, you are going to get car sick." Of course no response from Cody.
Then, about 3 minutes later I hear," I am not feeling so well." "Blah." " Mom Cody threw up."
I say, "Okay, hold on."
Then we pull in to the parking spot and stop. Cody then again says," Mom, I am going to throw up" and does. Why he does not open up the door and throw up outside is beyond me? I know he is 8, but I can assure you this is only 1 of many vomiting instances in the car. He has definitely been through the drill enough times.
Anyway, he has a lap full of vomit, and says,"What am I going to do now." Of course , I have no towels in the car. They were not replaced from the last vomiting incident (yes, my fault.)
So, Cody gets out and vomit plops in the parking lot space (too bad for the next person to step of of their car.) But do not worry there is plenty in my car too. Of course, he is blaming the chicken spaghetti I made last night, that he only took 1/2 bite of . Not the fact he was reading in the car. Yes, I am glad he likes to read, but not in the car. Next, the poor boy has to remove his shirt and shorts in the parking lot and run back in the car.
I have to shake out as much vomit as I can, before putting the clothes back in the car. So now, I am looking around hoping to see someone I know. So that I can ask them to watch the kids, while the run in and buy him a cheap outfit. Of coarse, I don't. Any other embarrassing moment I would see 3 people I know. This time, I just see some guy sitting in his truck, laughing at us.
So, we have to go home with underwear boy in the car. No trip to Wal-Mart. Better luck tomorrow.
The good thing to come out of this was I did wash and vacuum my car. The car desperately needed both.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Special Moment Oct 12

Today, my special moment was hanging out with my friends knowing I am not the only crazy mom out there.


I LOVE HALLOWEEN !!!! There I said it. I know there is a lot of people who have a problem with Halloween and I respect their opinion. But I LOVE HALLOWEEN !!! I love candy, I love costumes, I love the decorations, I love pumpkins, scarecrows, ghosts, witches and all the creepy things that go along with Halloween. Did I mention I love candy (chocolate). My house looks like a Family Fun magazine gone bad. But I do not care, I love it.
My kids love making all the fun crafts and all the creepy food. It is the only time of year I can say, "Yes, the food is suppose to look yucky."
My oldest son will probably grow up to hate Halloween because his birthday is in the middle of October and I always talk him into a Halloween Party. In the end he always loves it, but he always starts out with I don't know maybe we can do something different this year. Silly boy, what is he thinking. But really in the end he always loves it.
For me Halloween is a time to be silly and have fun without all the craziness of a big meal or relatives coming or buying presents. We all enjoy scary movies (even if right now it is just Scooby Doo) and dressing up and looking at all the Halloween decorations.
Halloween for me growing up was a fun time of year and I hope to pass that happiness along to my kids.